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FINALLY ... weight loss for people who can't manage traditional workouts or struggle with movement - or indeed for those who already walk for weight loss but need to step it up a gear! It's new, it's exciting and it will spice up as many or as few of your walks as you wish to help you get the most out of your time outdoors. Get healthier and fitter by giving your walks purpose and without doing anything more than ..... WALKING! No sneaky press-ups or squats. Just WALK. Suitable for ALL levels of fitness - you work at your own pace. Your walks, your way, my format! 

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Online 7-Day Meal Plan

Thoroughly tested and HUGELY successful, if you need to seriously shift some pounds in time for a big event - or simply shift those pounds!! - then THIS is the plan. Unlike the Ten Day Turnaround, however, this is a no-nonsense plan. You do it - or you don't. Simples!! With 3 calorie ranges to choose from, shopping lists at the ready and full-colour recipes for every meal, there is absolutely no guess work here. Stick to the plan and you CANNOT go wrong. This plan has had superb results - and you don't have to stop at 7 days. With a little clever juggling (optionally with my help) you can repeat this plan for several weeks at a time - with continued results! And it's all yours - online - straight away - for £6.50 (payable via bank transfer, Paypal or cheque). Just email and you'll be ready to go within HOURS! Why wait? 


The perfect kickstart or plateau-buster! An online programme guaranteed to shift excess pounds in time for that wedding/party/birthday, to get rid of bloating, boost energy and/or improve fitness and general wellbeing. Weight loss averages 5-7 lbs.

Ten days. Ten rules. Ten motivational texts. Ten workouts. Optional (encouraged but not obligatory) secret Facebook group (share thoughts, questions, ideas, moans, achey muscle whinges ...).

No measuring. No weighing. No dieting. No fads. And definitely no excuses! Meals adaptable to EVERY taste and level of fussiness :) 

Have FUN with food and meal-planning. Get the kids involved. LEARN how to optimise well-being through knowledge, not starvation.

And all for just £20. Always starts on a Tuesday. To find out more - and when the next one begins - email

NEW NEW ... Ask about the all new TEN DAY TURNAROUND PLUS - with workouts specially designed for those weighing upwards of 200 lbs


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Amanda J says ...

Just wanted to say.. feeling good today!! This morning I put on something I hadn't worn for ages.. in a size 14 no less.. been a 16+ for years.. and wow the compliments I got at work? ... Thanks for pushing me the last few months.. I never felt better!! 

Welcome - and congratulations on getting one step closer to your health and fitness goals (well, you're here, aren't you??). First things first, you don't have to be fit to train with me so don't let any 'unfitness' put you off. I've been overweight and unfit and I know exactly what it's like to start back on the road to health and I plan all sessions accordingly. In fact, the less fit you are, the more reason you have to meet me, right? And if you're too far away to meet, I cater for that too. Check out online options such as my Ten Day Turnaround or (coming soon) my Seven Day Fitness Blast. For now, though ... less talk, more action - that's what's going to make the difference. Click the links see what others are saying in the Testimonials section or contact me for more information. Talk soon :) Amanda

p.s. **IMPORTANT** When you click a link at the top you need to scroll down the page to see the information (past the initial banners) - sorry! Am getting it sorted but if you don't scroll down it looks like nothing's changed. Thank you! 

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