About me

altHello. I'm Amanda - the person whose primary concern is YOU, because experience has taught me that life, health, fitness ... are all so much easier to love and to enjoy when you have a great support system, the right kind of encouragement and a plentiful dose of appropriate knowledge.

I've always been sporty, but that doesn't mean I've always been fit and healthy. Six years ago I was four stone overweight. I've had injuries and I've had various illnesses (thankfully, nothing too serious). Four years ago I realised that for every dream there are 365 excuses (one for every day) not to start chasing it. Giving up and/or losing hope is the worst feeling in the world. The BEST feeling in the world is that of success. I want everyone - and that includes YOU - to experience that feeling. My goal - what means most to me right now - is to see your face when you've lost your first stone, when you realise you've got tons of energy, when you don't feel grumpy any more, when people start complimenting you because there's something 'different' about you, when you've completed your first 5k, when you've passed your next kickboxing/karate grading ... whatever your dream might be.

altLe's not harp on about me for too long. Here's a summary:

  1. I've lived in Ireland, Spain, Luxembourg, France and - for the last eight years - GB.
  2. I love kids, the outdoors, sport, chocolate, classical music, laughter, great nutrition and learning.
  3. I started kickboxing age 44 and am hoping to get my black belt when I'm 50. I completed my first triathlon at 47, my first marathon at 48 and this year I ran my first Ultra-Marathon (100km)! Why? Because they're simply things I always wanted to do! You are NEVER too old, It's never too late. Ditch the excuses (dodgy knees, dodgy ankles, excess weight, lack of fitness, colds, coughs, don't like the rain, too tired, ...........) and make a change today. I did. You can, too! If you want a little more insight into 'me' you can follow my antics on my blog - www.putthekettleon.org