What do we do?

Wall SquatsConsider any or all of the following scenarios:

There's an event coming up that you’d love to participate in but you just don’t have the energy/stamina;

Standing on the bathroom scales has become a terrifying – or horrifying – experience;

You've dreamed of being fit and in a healthy weight range (again) but can think of 365 excellent excuses why you shouldn’t start today.

You Choose Fitness offers you a way around all of the above. I run one-on-one and small-group personal training specialising in helping you lose weight without dieting and get fit with or WITHOUT running!

altSound good so far?

The principal aim of YCF is to inspire YOU – male or female – to cease contemplating all the things you believe you can no longer do and refocus your energy on the many amazing dreams that are well within your grasp.

As your Personal Trainer and Coach I will see you to your fitness and weight loss goals. Fitness sessions tailored precisely to your needs will ensure you see and feel results quickly and I'll be right there to motivate you and guide you so that you can be the best that you want to be. The question is … are you prepared to put in the effort? I am! I hope you are, too.