Why Bother?

altBecause if you’re reading this, it means that whatever you've been doing up to now hasn't worked! And more importantly, it shows you're bothered enough to have realised that doing it alone isn't as easy as it sounds! A gym might be cheaper - and you can download a million workouts from the internet - but being a gym member and having that workout printed out in front of you isn't going to get you fit, change your shape, shift those pounds OR fulfil that dream of running a 5k race. Dieting won't do it either - not in the long term. What's important for now, though, is what's brought you here - why you are bothered. I hope you are, because that means you care, and when you care you can achieve anything. 

So, what do you want to achieve?

And, by the way, how much do you want it?

Oh - and what are you prepared to do to get it?

Depending on how you’ve answered those questions you’ll know yourself if You Choose Fitness is the place for you. I have a strong suspicion it might be!